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My father just had a Divorce with my step mother. They have been married for 12 years and then on one of my step mothers business trips, she went out and married one guy, and then got engaged to another guy. My dad got word of this and was disgusted with her and divorced her. What really happened was she went to canada, married a guy, then went to michigan, and was engaged to another guy and my dad got a call from this detective. The detective told him everything that was going on and my father was Mentally crushed. He started drinking heavily for 3 months and then finally divorced her. Also she withdrew $18,000 out of my dads credit cards ( yes thats right 18,000 dollars). Anyway he now has a girlfriend and they are getting along fine. But i cant help thinking that he needs another guy ( his son, me) up there to comfort him and help him get through this. He says he has gotten over it but i have a feeling he hasent. I have been offered to move over there with him but i dont know if i should let him be and let him live his own life, or go live with him and help him through his difficulties. I have a great life where i am right now but i cant stop thinking about him. any good advice would be great.

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Also my father has made up most of the money already, he only has a couple more hundred to make up, which i am very happy about...and i didnt get offered to live with him from him, my sister suggested i got and give him comfort and i talked to him about it and he said he dosent care, i can live with him or i can just stay where i am but i dont know what to do , i feel in some way i should go over there and stay with him for a while so he can have a buddy, but also i feel i should stay away and let him get over it himself and have a good time with his girlfriend... but i dont know what to do.. PLease someone give me some advice

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Unless he wants you to go, I would advise against it. You have a great life where you are, it sounds as if he is well on the road to recovery, especially if he has stopped drinking heavily and has a girlfriend. There is no need for you to disrupt your life for him at this time. You can still talk to him by phone and give him all the support he needs.


If you were to move and then find you had done so unnecessarily you would feel upset about that. Just make sure he knows you will be there if he needs you and that you love him and things should be fine.

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