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does she like me or is she tormenting me?

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I need opinions if this girl likes me. For the entire past school year, she has been doing all sorts of stuff and I am unsure if she is tormenting me. Here is some of the stuff that she did: She'd push me, block my way, stare at me but it was like she was staring me down,she'd sometimes throw things at me, at lunch, she'd take my things (pens, books, etc) one time she tried to take my pen and I grabbed her wrist and the desk was almost knocked over, ask me where I live and my phone number, and other information, she'd get into my business by asking about stuff I had writted down, she would say stuff to me like "I'm watching you," and she would sometimes write stuff in my math note book like, "I love [her name]." I would just think she is tormenting me but one time at lunch, I was just sitting there and I happened to glance in one direction and I saw her and her friend taking pictures of me with her camera phone then I heard her say "he's looking". Also, one time she came into class shouting, practically anouncing to everyone, that I was her boyfriend, and one time I wore a sleeveless shirt and she was going on about a "gun show," and one time in math, she was trying to get her best friend (who would also participate in this tomfoolery) to do something to me, at first she was reluctant but then she turned to me and said, "This is from ___" and she blew me a kiss, then ___ said, "Put it in your pocket and save it for later," finally, I wore a blazer to school and for once didn't look like a slob, and she asked if i was going on a date, and of course I said no, then she said, "I'll go out with you" and said she can pick me up (because she drives and I don't).

So, those are just some of the MANY things she did to me. Two people have spectulated that she like me but I just don't know. After school ended, I did hang out with her best friend for awhile, and I see the girl in question driving around sometimes and she gets my attention and waves and stuff; so, tell me what you think!!!! I need opinions, etc, because I suffer from paranoia, anxiotity, and ocd, so I can't do something as bombastic as asking her out or something without being as sure as I can!

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Yeah, but theres a difference between obvious and blunt. It's obvious enough if a girl is always wanting to talk to you, flirting with you, and um... asks you out. But pushing, tormenting, taking your things, telling the whole class your her boyfriend? Sounds like an elementary school crush, not the start of a mature relationship.

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Theirs a very very very good chance that she likes you. I'd say about 95%. If your interested, you should go for it, but I should tell you that by the sounds of it this girl is VERY immature, and if I were in your place I'm not sure I'd want a girl like that. But I don't know the circumstances, so just do whatever you think is right, if you do decide to go out with her hopefully she'll stop her escapades, but if you don't decide to go out with her, I hope you'll be able to make it clear to her that your not interested so that she can move on and start annoying someone else

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haha . . . YA she likes you . I can see how many would think it' s kind of immature to act like that around you . She sure is aggressive ( the roles are kind of reversed here IMO , she is confident aggressve type while you seem more like the shy quite type . . . anyways back on topic here ) . If you' re interested then I think you should as her out . You don ' t have to go an a DATE per say . Just do stuff together outside of school .


Let us know how it turns out .

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