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i started working at my job about 5 months ago and there are a lot of guys i have been attracted to, flirted with, and a few i dated. but theres this one guy that i talked with every now and then but as of yesterday i talked to him for a long time. hes cute..funny..and just the total package you know. another associate there told me that he was 19, so i was cool with that,i figured he only graduated last yr. we got to talking and i mentioned i was a senior and he says yeah i graduated 4 yrs ago. hes 22. i was pretty upset that he was 3 yrs older than i thought but only cause i figured he wouldnt feel the same way about me. but he does, he asked me to go see a movie tomorrow night and i excepted.


do you think this is wrong? is 6 yrs a big age-gap and also considering the fact that im not actually "legal"? i really like him and the age difference doesnt bother me and obviously not him..but what does everyone else think, should i go out with him?

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If it doesnt bother you, don't mind what other people think....as long as you're happy with it and can make it happen, go for it. I dont know, I would personally be fine with it if I dated someone a couple of years younger, but I've never been faced with a 6 yr diff....so I guess I wouldn't really know until I was hit with that type of situation.

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The age difference is illegal, but then again it depends on your decision. No one can tell you that you cant date him, so it's up to you. Personally I think 6 years is way too much. The most I'd have is 3, maybe 4 years of difference, but thats even stretching it a bit. Your parents would probably come up with atleast 20 reasons why you shouldnt date him... parents, huh? But like I said...it's up to you and him.

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ok.....theres nothing wrong w u thinking that this relationship is ok........buuuuuut..........i think thats its very strange for a 22 year old to wana date a 16 year old girl..w my experience....all the guys i know that are that age and want girls your age just want in it for sex.........if i were u id stay away

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It shouldent matter the age difference.... Yeah it might seem like a big gap, but if you think about it, the older you get, the less the gap matters, just folow your heart. You shouldent care what other people think. My sister is 21 and she is going out with a 34 yr old, yet i have seen them both and they are perfect together. Now as far as legal goes, yes your relationship is good but the having sex ordeal is different. I say if u havent already have had sex then wait till your legal..... That will give you time to see if the relationship is going somewhere, it wil also give you time to see if he is really into you or if he just wants to have sex. By the time your legal and your still with him then he is really into you, but if he breaks up with you b4 your legal, then he just wanted to have sex with you. Only time can tell. If you choose to be with this guy then good luck and i hope you and him have a great relationship.

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I'm in the exact same situation. I'm 16 and I met a guy that's 22 and we both like eachother alot so I just say screw you who say no. I always date guys older than me because I'm very mature for my age and although I'm never sure what other people will think I realize I don't care. i know what I want and if I want him, which I do, I'm going to have him. And in the case that it doesn't work out and all he wants is sex or something like that. As they say "It's better to love and have lost than to never have loved at all." Just think about it, You'll know what you want and if your hearts in it and you want him. Then go for it!!!

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