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I have been seeing someone for about 2.5 years. It's been a really great relationship even with the arguments that seems to come up. There's only one hitch in this; no-one knows we are seeing each other.


I have kept this a secret for a long time from everyone. To be honest I don't know why. But she is starting to not enjoy the secrecy. I can't blame her on that but I don't think I'm willing to have this out in the open.


Here's another twist in the plot though, I've met someone else. Someone who shares many of the same things I do. Not unlike my long standing relationship. But I'm willing to have this new one out for everyone to see.


Truthfully I don't know how I got into this mess. This is not like me at all. I don't enjoy playing with emotions and I know I have to make a decision as to whom I will continue on with but I don't know who.


It's not about looks, money, what I can get out of it or anything like that. I just have some genuine feelings for the two of them.


No matter what happens I know this isn't going to be easy. But if someone has some advice that's maybe been in this situation before, please let me know. I'm not what you'd call a ladies man so this is all REALLY new to me. Not to mention I'm running out of antacids...


Thank you in advance...

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Why exactly are you not wanting people to know about your relationship now? Do you fear that they might not accept her or your relationship?


I don't know about this other girl stuff. It's kind of just about your feelings. If you feel that things aren't working out with your current relationship, maybe you need to have some time to yourself and think about things.

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I also want to know why you feel the need to hide your 2.5 year relationship.

That's a long time to keep it a secret, and I am willing to bet that because you are hiding the relationship that neither of you is fulfillled because you can't feel comfortable in public, share your relationship with family and friends.


When you remain closed off within a relationship from everyone, you deny yourselves alot of comfort and security that comes with affirming the relationship and your feelings for one another by "going public".


While the new girl may seem intriguing, I don't think you've given your present relationship a fair chance by restricting it like you have.


Why are you hiding it?

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