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Hey, so about 3 weeks ago my ex and I broke up.. but we've been spending a lot of time together.

She's been talking to a female friend of mine (friend of hers too) and telling her that she likes me again, and that she thinks we're gonna get back together.


Anyways, she's online right now, and last night I asked her what she's doing all week, and she said "nothing... no plans =( " so I invited her over for a BBQ one night this week, and I may be having a pool party on Friday night. (her idea) haha.


What's something that I could say to hint that I want to hang out with her, for example last night, I said "come on over for a swim" and she said "aww I just got out of the shower, and I was in mine for 3 hours today, haha" so I just left it at that.


So is there anything that I can say? Usually I wait for her to spark up a conversation, but I have no plans today, until soccer tonight, but maybe I should just hang out with her at our BBQ, and then at my pool party?


I don't know.

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my suggestion is to hang out with her at the BBQ and at the pool party.

see how that goes, if all goes well, invite her to dinner or for coffee or something the following week . =)


do you have intentions to get back together with her? dont be misleading if you dont.

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Good idea.


Yeah, of course I do. It looks pretty good right now, because she likes to have time with her friends too, so now I am giving her space, and she knows I am ready to take things slow again, so I think things may work out if I play my cards right.


The BBQ and party sounds good, she's off to one of her friends houses today (male) to hang out. They've been friends since they were 5, so I am not worried about that. I think when I talk to her tonight, I will show her that I am glad she had a good time, and make sure I don't come off as jealous or anything.

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