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Dont know how to ask

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If you want the complete back story link removed . but I dont know how to ask this 1 girl out. I dont know her that well Ive been talking to her for close to 2 months on ivq and have seen her in person but not met. I know her through one of my best friends who may have screwed me over on this whole deal. But what would be a good way to ask her out with out embarrising myself or ruining our friendship. Thanks for reading.

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If you really have your heart set on this girl and you have been talking to her then you should just go over, give her a compliment like, you look great today, or something along the lines of that and then ask her for her number. The worst thing that could happen is she could say no. If she says no well then she missed her chance, but if she says yes, then have fun. Theres nothing wrong with trying. Just dont worry about what other people think about you.

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