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exactally like you, or totally different?????

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well I was sitting with nothing to do just now when a ? popped up in my head and well it's really interesting me.

ok I always see couples who are either totally different, or just alike. what's up with that???

I was thinking and I wouldn't want someoen who is totally the same as I am, that would be idk just weird. I think I would want someone who was a little different. I would want them to have similarities (like movies, music, humor, that sort of stuff) but not exactally the same as I am.

what are your thoughts on this? would you agree or disagree/

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It's the same in all of your relationships really. I like my friends to be themselfs- not like everything that I like, or vis versa. Same thing with the person that I am with- that would be boring. We have similar qualities, or characteristics - such as honest, caring, fun loving, open minded people- but when it comes to other things I like it when my boyfriend teaches me about something that he's interested in.

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They both can work really:


If you share interests/hobbies/tastes/styles etc; you have more to talk about and can do things you both enjoy together.


And the saying goes 'oposites attract'.


It keeps the relationship interesting if yous are different.

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Opposites may attract, but over the long haul chances are good they'll really start to gripe each other's cookies....and not in a good way.


While you may have different hobbies/interests than your partner, the relationship has a better chance of succeeding if you are the same when it comes to relationship goals and values.


If you're not aiming at the same destination (like marriage & family, f'rinstance) at some point, you'll wind up going different directions.

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Yes, i understand where your coming from. People like a person just like themselves because they believe that if they go out with a person that like different things, it will create confrentation, but also other couples go by the saying opposites attract because they like to be openminded and like to experience new things.

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