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right now im at the point to break

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lil back round info, im 14, semi-popular and saposedly good lookin, on a high level ice hockey team, but that the outside me, on the inside right im crying as i write this couse i have lost my dignity completely im terrified of everything emotionaly, im scared of myself, im scared of hanging wit my friends, im scared of writing this now, i feel as thouhg my life has been ramed into the ground, i can never trust anyone anymore, i cant even come to call my friend baq. im scared of the furture, tomaro, next week, next month next 10 years. i feel like dying, i feel like i dont deserve wut i have, ide rather die and let my friends and family have someone who deserves better. i cant do anything right, everytime i try i mess up. they say sympathy will help people often give sympathy to help but i dont find it helpfull, i find it ofensive couse i have never been give sympathy from friends thats true, so its just my friends lying to me and it hurts me, i know they r trying to help but i need help but i cant get it couse im 14 no job, i cant tell my perants and my friends will ony lie, this was my last option but i dont know wut anyone here can do eather, and no i feel guilty tell everyone bout this couse now i feel as thouhg i have rubbed off my nightmare to u people only to think of helping een thouhgt efforts r helpless, i dont know wut to do the only thing i can think of is to totaly cut myself off form everything and minimize my life, keep away dont talk to people, but i only know that will hurt me more and i cant live like this





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Did something happen to you to suddenly make you feel this way?


You should remove yourself from your life. You didn't put yourself here in the first place- so live on and see where your life takes you.


I don't know where you live, your profile doesn't say where, but in the US you can not work when you are 14.


If you answer the top question maybe we can better help you.

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First of all; you are not laying any burden on us.. this is what we're here for. To help.


You have to give more background info. on why you are so upset though.


At your age; there's no need to be concerned about tomorrow or the next day. Live for today.


Make yourself happy; even if your friends aren't going to.


At 14 why would you need a job?


Why don't you talk to someone about whats bothering you. Either a family member.. or us

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You are only 14.. life dont begin till 18!!!

right now at your age, life is heavaly influenced by other people, and 99% of what happens to you is out of ur control and thats normal.. welcome to life! I hated being 14, ive got to say it was the roughest time of my life and i have had feelings very much like yours. In a few years all of that, and everything, will change, and YOU will be in complete control of everything.. your feelings, your friends, and even a job... its all you baby!

But until then it can be very tough and i had ZERO friends when i was your age b/c kids are sooo evil and judgemntal at times. we were poor, so i was never in style, and was viciously tormented for that. Now i have a job, and i buy whats hot. but im 24, and have survived so you will too! if people are making you feel this way (ex. kids at school) stay away from them and ignore them. dont let them know how they hurt you b/c that will only make them want to do it more.

Hang in there, life is great, just give it time. remember... soon YOU will have ALL the control!!!!!

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