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classroom problems again..this time during break

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we have a 10 minute break, sometimes 20 minute break at class. This is the same class where most of the people are women. Only me, a guy who's already got a girl and another guy.


The first day I was so nervous (because I didn't expect there was so many women and they were all looking at me because deep in my mind I assumed that they wondered if I was yet another pervert coming into the class) that I walked out into the hall and just like some of the others, I talked on cellphone. Then I went to the food truck outside the building. A girl from my class almost spilled coffee at the back of the truck, but I said nothing. Actually, my attitude for the first two weeks has been to pretend that they don't exist.

From past experiences, (at night classes especially) I've managed to strike up a conversation with a girl but it usually got shot down because she had an uncomfortable look on her face, ("why is he talking to me? I'd wish he'd stop.") or would get an impassioned response. So I decided to do nothing.

Now the two other guys have suddenly gained the charm of the class. The silent guy did a performance that was great, and before he came up I could see that some of the girls were smiling at him. They were the same girls I think were impressed with his self-biography (we had to tell everyone about ourselves on the first day. I mentioned about my job and hobbies, and unfortunately "because of the money" entered my speech so I think I tore it with some of the girls from the get go.) The other guy opened told the class that he had just gotten into a wonderful relationship, and since then has become the male magnet of the class. Both of us are well dressed and speak articulately. !!!!!

So, for the rest of the summer semester, I think that I need to become a guy who's more friendly towards the ladies. (quoted from a craigslist forum "If he's on his cell during a break, i would hesitate to approach at all. I would assume he has something important on his mind or get the impression he really doesn't want to be there and is avoiding socializing during the break.


I might consider talking to him if he looked approachable and friendly during the break.


There's NOTHING he could say into that cell phone that would impress or intrigue me enough to approach him based on that. Guys who try to impress that way are usually pretty obvious and a big turn-off for me."


So, what ways can I work on this? One time I made a comment outloud and none of the girls responded to it. I'd like to portray myself in a way that can break down walls and erase the coldness from these girls. Honestly, they are not comfortable around me, but I look nice and talk decent.

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