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how importantis this in rship

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I was just wonderin is it really bad if your gf doesnt have many friends? how important is this?

you see i travelled for 3 yrs after high school and during that time all my friends moved round the country for uni etc and i dont have anyone im real close with. I feel like ive grow alot esp since travelled and im notso much in partying mood, i do still go out with friends when i can drive the hr but is not v often at all, im happy to just be home doing my art or hangin with bros, and i love havin time to self as im used to it form travellin.

when with my bf im happy to just hang with him but also very VERY happy to just be home while he goes out n does his thing. i never get upset if he goe sout with boys, infact i love him to. i tell him to.

but does it matter that i dont go out with my friends v much?

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