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i know to a fair extent how to be interesting around a woman. does any human being know how to take things to the next level. i know a lot of girls who like me and somehow i can feel their frustration towards my inability to initiat sex or take things to the next level. im now getting pissed at the number of opportunities that have gone out the window because i dont freakn know how to initiate sex. im afraid that the girl will think im dirty because i think of her that way. please, be kind and save a sexless soul with your infinite wisdom. and pls if your a girl and your pissed at my wanting to have sex, really badly, pls dont reply me.

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To iniate sex is very easy.

Just make sure you have the right tools in hand (Condom, lube, toys(If you swing that way)

and when your "in the moment" take her shirt off. She should take off yours. Do the same till your both naked.

(P.s. if you take off her shirt, and she doesn't take off yours, take your own off. She'll get the idea.)

Then be like " Hold on, I gotta get a condom " or however you want to say it.

If she doesn't want to have sex, she'll stop you and go "No, lets just continue this"

If she wants too, she probably won't say anything.


You should know the rest.

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nice we are a step closer. i should show her im sexual interested. how to you act around a woman that makes her feel you are a sexual being and not some steril friend.


Yes, its always good to show a women that you are interested in her. Just be prepared beforehand, and with the flow. Don't think about initating, just get lost in the moment and things should come naturally. It's when you are trying or concerned with what to do that you mess up.


If you are around someone that you are attracted to like that, it depends on what the relationship is. If she is just a friend and theres no chance of a romantic relationship, your out of luck. Be her friend and eventually the feelings will die down. If there is a chance, ask her out and see what happens. And if your in a relationship with her, flirt and treat her well. She should respond in kind. And depending on hte chemistry, anything can happen.

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