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One day in class a friend of mine pulled out a picture of me, she was joking with me because it was a horrible picture of me. And she said she was going to give it to her friend. Not knowing her friend I asked "why" and she replied "because she thinks your cute." I had seen a picture of the girl before and thought about how attractive she is. Anyhow back to the story my friend asked me if "I thought her friend was pretty" and of course I said "yes." That was the end of it there all though it baffled me to how her friend even knew of me. Because she's in the high school and I'm in the middle school. A few days later I got my friend to reveal how her friend knew of me and it was because she had seen me in class once and that when I escorted my friend in a beauty pagaent that she had seen me there.


Anyhow I waited a few more days and thought why not so I added her on ICQ. I didnt reveal what I knew I actually pretended like I had no idea that she knew me. And it went real well, we had a great time chatting and she even told me that I crack her up. Even saying that when ever I get a craving for this one restaurant to tell her and we'll go together. So I was feeling pretty good til school the next day. My friend found out about it from the girl. And she wasn't very happy about it. Saying "I cant believe you added her" all this and that but this is where it gets interesting my friend told me that her friend told her that she may haftoo hook us up. (me and the girl). And my friend was ticted so she told her that she shouldn't date me and to date older guys. And told me she was gona havea talk to her friend. (yah i know what nerve lol)


Anyhow shortly after I took a week off from talking to her deleting her off my list because she was ignoring me and she got a bf. Turns out she was sick and not on icq but she did have a bf. I apolagized for what I did and soon after they broke up. I think me and hers close? but im not sure. She flirts with me a little bit, and talk atleast every other day. So Im thinking about asking her if she'd like to do something sometime? But there is an age gap Im 14 soon to be 15 and she's 15 soon to be 16 and 2 grades higher than me. So I dont know? They do say love is blind to age but I just dont know?


Plus for some reason she has been ignoring me a little on icq. I dont know why. We'll have good conversations 1 day and her not reply to me the next when her away says here. So I dont know. And if I did ask her Id most likely be double dating with the girl who showed her to me. Which would be really akward. But thanks for reading




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Well it seems her friend could of told her something (if I read it right) to less likely date you. Girls are like that.


And I think asking her to do something would be a great idea.

Start off small, then maybe ask her to go to resturant.


If she asks, your going as friends.


Maybe if your going to hang-out alone for the first time. Hanging out at a mall would be a good idea, or watching a movie in theatres.


Friends first. Lovers after.


If you talk to her, she might open up and tell you why she's been ignoring you (if she really was).

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Friends first. Lovers after.

No play it right and take her out somewhere you are SURE she likes.


I mean if you click with her don't fall into that nasty friend zone because then there is no hope... I'm awesome at falling in the friend zone and it usually happens when I have low confidence the first few times we hang out. So keep your head up, speak up, open doors, pull chairs, and act lively.


As of late I've had excellent luck with the ladies thereforeeee I haven't been on here that much.


but i have a funny story to tell about a girl so I'm going to go make a thread now.


Good Luck, Take Care!



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Thanks I appreciate your alls advice. I asked my friend and she claimed she didnt have the talk. But she did tell the girl that she wasnt gona hook her and me up. And to date someone else.. which is messed up because I am really good to her. Anyhow Im just having trouble figuring out how to ask her. Any advice?




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