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what's a good place to make out in an arcade ??

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how about not at an arcade....


the other night i shared an evening with the guy im dating in a secluded corn field under the clear night sky flooded with stars and we were surrounded by fire flies.


how cool is THAT?!


i suggest you go find yourself a corn field.






Where did you find a secluded corn field in NYC???



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Dragon oh jeeze, don't be such a bore.

Immature? Who wants a mature lover during sex? That's what I call a BORING lay. I am more interested in spontenuity and adventure.

And yes cornfields are great ('one' of the best actually) and romance is wonderful, but sometimes kinky and impulsive can be fun.


a 'bore' i am far from any of my past partners, or posts ive made about sex could tell you that. but to see people screwing with their clothes on in an arcade, supermarket, ball game etc. is vomit inticing. and im sure i am far from alone on that.



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erm.. let's not go as far as where to have sex.


The post is asking advice for 'making out'.


It's illegal to have sex in a public place.. Let's just state that lol.


i said screwing with their clothes on. because when your sitting on eachother's lap groping eachother slobbering all over each other's faces, myself as plenty of thers find that behavior very distracting, vulgar & gross.


i wont discuss this any further. i cant help you, i wouldnt know where to "make out in an arcade". its a toss up between the wack-a-mole & the air hockey table.


*runs to the bathroom* lol



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