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infatuated please help....

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I think in such an early stage of a relationship it is more likely that you are feeling "crush" feelings of infatuation and a very strong like, but most likely it has not has a chance to develop into love after 3.5 short weeks.


Love is an emotion that develops over time, when you really get to know someone deeply.


The feelings of infatuation can sometimes set the stage for falling in love, but it is unlikely that it is true love, at least not yet. They can be very strong and give you intense feelings of giddiness and elation, cause you to think of nothing else, and yet still be infatuation.


Hope this helps.

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Just about every person (if I may say so) gets so involved in the beginning of a realationship. Your stomach gets butterflies when you see eachother, and you loose your train of thought. That's crush.


Love is stronger...It's a bond. You guys probably haven't even had a fight yet. Your gonna have to go through some tough times and some good times and let ya'lls relationship grow, blossom like a flower. Right now ya'll are a seed. It's gonna take some time to develop a love that will last forever.


Even though you think it's ment to be or he's the one or even that you love him or whatever, this is only the very beginning. I'm happy that your deeply moved in this relationship, but to tell someone you love them can't be tossed around like an old pair of shoes. It's a delicate word with a strong meaning. Just take some time in ya'll relationship. Enjoy every moment. It just seems that your symptoms are "crush."


Best of wishes in your new relationship.

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