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so im a major cutter... i hide it. no one ever knew about it...but then one day this kid saw my scars during gym. he told the conselor. since i dotn get mad at ppl i forgave him. the conselor told my mom. so i stopped for about a month..but things are crazy and i get upset or angry easily and i hate crying so i started cutting my hip to hide it (i hate people who show it off) but it doesn't work as well. i like cutting and the kid has been seeing me depressed lately so he has been bugging me. i hate lying. i was wondering if there is a way to ge thim off my back without lying....i know its a stupid question.

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well if you tell yourself that you can't cause you like it so much then you are right, you can't. Don't do that to yourself, you are telling yourself you can't do something and you know what that is so much worse then anyone saying it to you, you have more control and influence on yourself then you think. I used to think the same way about cutting, I was a huge cutter, that was my answer to everything that would go wrong, cutting. and I just had to stop letting the knife be my master and telling me when it was and wasn't ok to cut. I started controling when it was and wasn't and you know what I found out, it's never ok to cut or harm yourself. Now I didn't do this all on my own, I had to be put on several different anti-depressants to see which one worked and it took almost a year and a few months to find the one that worked, and to this day if I stop taking it it all goes down hill. so get some help, and just stop, when you do you will love yourself so much for it, it will give you a confidence boost big time.

good luck and if you ever need to talk then just pm me.


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Well heres my two cents. If you someone likes cutting, they should do it. Don't listen to people who are telling you not to do it. The choice of whether to get help or stop is the cutters choice. Peer pressure make many people cut out of frustration. That my case. And thats all I have to say right now.

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this person who keeps 'bugging' you really seems to care about you. you would think that ur friends would notice that you are sad or whatever. ask the kid if you can have their number to call them when you feel like cutting. also ask if you can yell out ur problems to them it would really help. i know cutting is hard to stop, i have done it for close to 8 years. good luck

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About all the people talking bout if you should stop or not, all I can say is, if you stop, awesome for you. If you don't, can't, or wont, I have no problem with it, unless it gets too serious. I know what you're saying, cause I have no intention of stopping at the moment, cause I'll know when I'm ready, but I'm digressing.

The kid. He obviously cares, like cujo mentioned. Let him know. Be all like, "I'm glad you care, but I can deal, thanks." Only if you really don't want him up in your business, or you just don't care that he cares. OR he could be your support when you're feeling screwed over. Whichever way works. Hope you find a solution!

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