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not sure if im ready

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iim not sure if im ready to have sex .i tired once and he could get it to go in all the way .is there something wrong with me . i thought i was old enough. do i have a problem . there are many girls i know that are my age and younger that have had sex but not me . what age should you be when you lose your virginity [/b]

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Hi and welcome to eNotAlone.com, on behalf of everyone here


Just relax and take things easy and slowly, there's no real rush is there. There isn't anything wrong with you, sometimes people antisipate things and when things don't go the way their supposed too they get annoyed and everything else goes wrong.


Taking it slow and easy and talk throught is what you need too do, im sure everything will be ok. There are plenty of members here who will be able too offer a little more advice than what i have, but i hope i've helped a little .


- whitefang

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Don't just go right for it; if you're uncertain, take time and think about it.


The first time is a big thing. You're losing a title. If you're not ready, don't be pressured into it.


Sometimes because you're so nervous you're muscles will tense up; thereforeeee making it more difficult to penetrate.


This means you weren't relaxed, there's reasons for that..

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this is my experiance...I was able to do it with someone I cared about and was really honestly ready to do it with, I wasn't uncomfortable or anxious at all. Then when I didn't want to do it with this guy (he made me) I was uncomfortble and scared and he couldn't get it all the way in because I wanted him to stop so bad. So I think that if you don't want to do it, even if you do want to do it, and you are having second thoughts or are nervous then it could stop you from actually doing it doing it you know?

that's just my opinion though.


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