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Has anyone noticed...

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... that the people who complain about "fake people" tend to be negative, cynical, and bitter themselves most of the time?


I noticed that even if some people seem "fake", they seem to be trying to be polite, civil, be positive and enjoy life. It's not necessarily that these people are actually insincere, I don't think.


I also noticed that those people who dislike "fake people" are also unhappy, scornful, and are always complaining and whining about how the world is messed up and "the people are oh, so fake, they're stupid, they're so lame, I can see right through them, why can't they just be real, blah blah blah..."


Is it just me, or has anyone also noticed the same thing going on?


And by the way, I rather hang out with people who try to keep a positive outlook on life - fake or not - than the people who always are complaining.

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I'm not negative or bitter and I can't stand fake people. What I mean by fake people is those that pretend to like you and stuff. I much rather hang with dorks...they seems more real to me. Fake people to me are those that everyone knows and loves, with their plastic faces, who are often huge hypocrites, and talk about people behind their back.

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Not necessarily. Yes, sometimes people who talk about "fake people" are negative and bitter. But most honestly do dislike people who put on a front or facade in front of others. It's not being negative, its just being truthful. When you think about it, much of what people say is formality and isn't real or has substance. How many times do you ask someone how they are automatically, not because you really care but because its what you are suppose to do? And do you usually respond with something like "fine" or "good?" It's more about being polite then really being interested.


I can say that, but I still have a great outlook on life. It's a wonderful thing.


Likewise, the fake people could be polite and enjoying life. Or they could be acting that way in order to mask there own inecurities and fit in. They are TRYING to be positive, the doesn't mean they ARE positive. Personally, I would rather be someone who admits when I don't like the way something is even at the risk of seeming negative then to be put on a happy face and be civil even when I'm really hating the fact that I'm doing it. It's that kind of phoniess that these people object to.


It comes down to the person. Yes, if the person is complaining all the time its not good. But if the person doesn't complain at all, thats not good either. I'd rather be around someone who is going to call it like it is. If someone is being fake, I like a person who will call him out on it. Still be positive, but be realistic.

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You're right and I had forgotten him, but now that he's started appearing in my dreams out of the blue, I keep ending up thinking about him.


Think of the dreams as nightmares. Think of him as a jerk who you'd like to make pay. Hey, maybe your subconscious will let something bad happen to him in one of these dreams.


I know, your probably to good of a person to do that to him, even if its just a dream. But I hope the thought made you smile.

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