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If you catch a girl watching you and smiling...good or bad?


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If you catch a girl watching you and smiling is it a good thing? I mean when I look at girls I find attractive I don't smile, so if a girl is smiling when looking at you she's probably laughing at you right?

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Whan a women smiles with a relaxed face is a invitation for you to approach, thats is the way i see it any ways.


She is letting you know she is friendly And *perhaps* wants for you to smile back, it's a international greeting of being friendly, cold shouldering her, by not smiling back may make you come accross as a negative person, and you don't want that....what you can do next time she smiles at you is, approach say "caught you" if she says caught me what, say "looking my way smiling" Or you can not smile at all, than next time you see her you pitch the smile, maybe even a wink


Either way trust your gut, if you think she wants you to approach don't sit and think about it too hard, make your move. you have NOTHING to loose.

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When someone smiles, the first think you should be thinking isn't, "Oh no, she's laughing at me." But rather, "She's a really friendly person."


What it seems to me that you need is a bit of a confidence boost. Why wouldn't you smile at girls you find attractive? Why would you think a friendly girl is laughing at you when she's merely smiling? Low confidence is generally the reason why. Don't let this get in the way of potentially meeting a really cool girl.


I think it's safe to say that just about all of us have been there. We've all thought someone we found very attractive just could not be friendly and find us attractive back. They must think somethings wrong and are laughing at us! It happens, but don't let it get in the way of anything. We all just have to remember everything that is good about ourselves.

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I'd say it depends. If I was just talking to someone or just hanging out, then looked over and saw her smiling, I really wouldn't be sure.


If I looked over and saw her watching with interest, however, I'd hunch that she was interested and contimplate talking to her.


I would only find it practical if I happen to be doing something funny and turned to find her smiling a me.

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