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women and touching

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I was at a club with a friend of mine...it was extremely crowded there. We didn't want to get separated so she grabbed the back of my shirt and her hand was pressed against my back. Well, we got to an area that wasn't so crowded and she started walking beside me (with her hand still on my back). Then she looked over at me and our eyes met for a couple seconds.

On other occasions she would bump into me and brush her arm against mine. And I kinda got upset about something later that night and she started rubbing my back. But anyways, am I looking into this too much? Does it mean something or is she just being friendly?

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We wouldn't know. It all depends on the type of girl she is.

Either you can explain her personality to us, and we can see.. or you can try and think about it yourself.. is she the type of girl that would do that? or is she just a friendly, nice to everyone, type girl?

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I gave her the test... I told her if she wants to go out to call me. If she does then I'll know, if not then I doubt she'll find a nice guy like myself again anytime soon.




Oh, dear. Not a good plan. I doubt she would take you up on that - puts all the pressure on her and makes you look timid.


Try again, ask her out to a proper date.

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