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My gf broke up with me again 3 weeks ago. This has been about the 4th time and we had been seeing each other for almost two years. We are both 20. Each time she says it's because she needs to experience being with other people, but each time she has come back to me because she says how she still loves me and has feelings for me. When she broke up with me this time, I, as usual, initiated no contact, and she was Iming me all the time for about 2 weeks and occasionally calling. For the past week though, I have barely heard from her at all, so I am really confused by her actions. She will sign on to AIM, say something brief, then sign off. A couple of days later, she will do it again. It seems like she's doing this on purpose. Should I confront her about this or just lay low like I have been. What do you think this sudden change in behavior means?

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I say give her some more time, she may be testing you to see your reaction. Don't confront her because that might just make her defensive. Try to act like it doesn't bother you. That will really get to her. You may not be hearing from her that much lately because she could either be busy or she may be trying to make you think she is. Either way, I think you should just do what you're doing. It seems like she is trying to keep you there in a way incase she doesn't find something better. My ex may be doing the same thing to me, so I know how you feel.

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It is possible that she met someone else, but it is also possible that she is trying to play games.


But do you really want her back? Four times putting you through this sort of emotional turmoil! Who needs that?


Why not forget her and find someone who doesn't play with your heart like this.

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I think she may be trying to play some sort of game with me. Maybe she wants to see me start reaching out to her like she has been doing to me? Although I guess it is possible she met someone else. She goes out with her friends to parties a lot. I don't see how she could have met someone else so soon though, especially when she was saying how she missed me and everything just a week ago. And no I don't want to get back with her under the same conditions. Something would have to really change for me to take her back again. I'm just really confused. She breaks up with me and for two weeks continuously contacts me and says a few times how she really misses me. Some days she would talk to me for hours. Then all of a sudden she pulls the switch and I hear nothing from her accept an occasional "hi" followed by "I have to go" 2 minutes later. She usually is always online at night when she isn't out, but now I never even see her on anymore. So I don't really know what to make of behavior, but I guess it's just a game or she met someone else. I'll probably find out soon enough.

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