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yay Im so happy I actually got the balls to call. :)

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Well I did it, I finally made the call, well actually my cousin faked like she was me for the first 30 seconds or so. It was so funny she calls him and she's like hey whats up it's kayla, and he's all o hey and I think he was kidding but he goes I know like 13 kaylas which one is this (must have been a joke and she didn't get it) so she goes the one from the dance factory and highschool and he's all o the one with the weird cousin lol. she started cracking up so bad and had to hand the phone to me. So I was talking to him and i asked if he would be at the dance factory next weekend cause I wanted to see him and he said he would but his manager started yellign at him (he was at work) so he had to go, but he said he'd talk to me later so I guess I'll call tomorrow after college (freshmen orinentation). So My cousin had to go back to las V tonight and they stopped for dinner and it's so funny cause she calls me up and says that's where sean is working. I told her to go tell him I said He was way cute and to call me but she didn't catch him, she called me back and said he waved at her though so that's good I guess.

Well anyways I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with all the posts about this, I guess it really isn't that hard to just call someone up is it lol.

thanks again.


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Don't worry so much about it, take it easy and be yourself and you'll find it much eaiser, nervous play a large part and will affect us but you'll just have to restrain yourself from doing something stupid, although she might find is funny .


Have fun, enjoy and be yourself 8) and all will go as it's supposed too

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