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Am i doing the right thing to get her back

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Hey Guys

Well i won't go all the way back to when we first started dateing but i will tell you the jist of it. Well i was with my ex girlfriend for 2 years we broke up for reasons , I expected everything to come to me and not willing to work hard enough at my job to make results happen. Im self employed with a financial company and i was just not doing the things i was supposed to do to become successful. she also said we had very different life goals. since the breakup i have bin working harder things are becomeing successful and i have bin changeing both my body and mind, i have started working out again and things i know they sound better but i still hurt every day about it. Everytime i wake up she is in my mind. I also found out she is seeing some other guy and they have a "friends with benifits package" which just makes me mad everyday knowing what they are doing. She called me on the phone and told me to come by her work because it was slow and she would like some company (she did tell me not come alone). But all my friends were busy at the time so i went alone. Maybe it was a foolish thing to go but i did, I just felt so sad to see her. anyway at the end of the night i told her i loved her and she said she loved me too. Im just so comfused right now, oh and buy the way this new guy she is seeing totally contradics all the reasons she broke up with me, i just don't get it.


Anouther thing is that my best friend was talking to her and she told him that she really missed me and she said I was the best thing she has ever had. My friend keeps telling me she does not know what she wants but what can i do. This has bin really painful for me. My plan is to go NC then, she will realize that she might lose me forever and start to miss my love. Then the ball will be in my court. so i need some advice is this the right thing to do or should i do somthing else.

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I think at this point NC is your only option. She is sleeping with someone else, that doesn't say much for her feelings for you.


By telling you she loves you and then sleeping with him she is contradicting what she is saying with her actions.


Try NC, give yourself a chance to not be used and heal, and if she truly loves you she may realize that she cannot have it both ways.


Just remember that NC is for you to heal, and she may decide not to come back, and staying away from her will help you get over her if that is the case.


Good luck.

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