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How Do I break His Shyness

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Well there is this guy that I like an he is very shy as you can read in my last post..I need some way to break threw that shyness.. see he talks to me but when it comes to going out to the movies or something im araid to ask because he might just act as if I said nothing..Its like he is afraid to say yes or no.. I have heard from some people he still likes me we dated about 5 years ago but that was when we were younger.. an both of us were shy about things.. Now i have broke out of my shell but one thing i do have a problem with is asking a guy out because im afraid of rejection my friends say im silly for saying something like that..but i dont know.I just need help on how to break him out of his shell.. When he is around guys he is fine an outgoing but when he gets around me its like he dont say much.. I need HELP Please..


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If both of you are kind of shy, then consider going on group getogethers whether it be for movie, miniature golf, lunches/dinners, parties. That way you can get to know e/o in a more friendly & less romantic level.


Have your friends observe how he behaves around you compared to other girls. That can clue you in. Then eventually if there is potential chemistry b/w you 2. Then based on conversations, see if there is something that both of you wanted to go & see, perhaps a movie or something & invite him.


You can always exchange emails, AIM, phone numbers & get to know eachother even more in a more friendly way. That way if it does click, he may eventually ask you out somewhere once there is a comfort zone established b/w you 2. Good luck!

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Well there is this guy that I like an he is very shy


I use to be shy around girls (except the ones I have no interest in), I went to All Boys school most of my life, I have no idea how to make small talk with girls......


Then out of the blue, my GF (just a former co-worker at that time) called me up and invited me to a c0cktail party, naturally I accepted. And it turned my whole life around. I changed into a whole new person, I doubt any of her friends thinks I'm shy & quiet. Even my GF was nicely surprised!


My advise is take a chance, ask him out ..... but plan it carefully.

Like casually ask what he's doing Fri night, if he said nothing, ask immediately "Want to go to a movie? I would love to see [Movie Name] !!"

Then it's easier for him to say yes.

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I don't have any advice but I would like to tell you how impressive I think it is that you are interested in breaking through his shyness. Most women, when they realize the guy they like is too shy, will decide he isn't worth it and move on.


(jeez...i cant even pay someone a compliment without ranting )

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well i can be shy sometimes too- i think the best thing to do would be for you to make a move towards asking him out


the problem that alot of people has is that they are afraid to ask someone out because they are not certain the other person has feelings for them- seeing as they will never find absolute proof they will always be too scared to ask someone out

however if you were to ask him out or at least be suggestive that you would like him to do so maybe he would snap out of it and actually decide to be bold enough to do something?

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