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small? medium? Big? HUGE?

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ok lol, um personally, I really don't think it matters, but If I had the option and I might be regreting it later Idk cause I never had one this big but I would want a big pee pee on a guy hheheheh. I think it would be awesome to be able to try something over 7 1/2 inches like 8 or 9 that would be fun.

but there isnt' anythign wrong with any size if you love the person.

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It doesn't matter because you are going to spend far more time in a relationship trying to get along with what the penis or boobs are attached to than the penis or boobs themselves.


One of my exes had what I considered to be the perfect appendage. Unfortunately, it was connected to an abusive alcoholic and that pretty much negated any benefits of said package. Dealing with what it was attached to was impossible.

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PEN15wrinkle said that 5" was small



But mummy she always said that 0.5653353 inches was O.K and i should be proud.



Only joking.



On a serious note. I don't think it does matter. Its the person the member/mammary is attached to. MI do agree with that.

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If you're in a loving relationship then penis size shouldnt matter that much to you. Anyway, its not the size its what you do with it. Really.


Also, everyone talks about how the guy has to be 'long' ,but if your penis is over 7 inches long, I dont want it anywhere near me! Just where is hell gonna put all of it? Bigger doesnt mean better in this case as some of them have big ones and dont know what to do with it.

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It is not the size of these parts of the body that matter, it is what else comes with it. What is a big penis on a fat abusive ugly guy? Or bif boobs on a fat nasty, and abusive girl?


Also lol at all the people worried about size and the people who claim to have or dated a guyu with 8+ inches.

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It is not the size of these parts of the body that matter, it is what else comes with it. What is a big penis on a fat abusive ugly guy? Or bif boobs on a fat nasty, and abusive girl?


I almost posted this... Then I thought about big boobs on a very attractive girl with a great personality. And I kept the post to myself...


Seriously: I like shapely boobs, big or small. Period.

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i like a large, but not too long penis.


it would be super cool if i could grow my own.. i'd never leave the house...


i have D cup breasts..


if i could grow a penis, i'd totally post on every forum just to brag.


but that's me being silly. have fun with what you got

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Hmmm... how about ZZ and 18in?


Come on, what does it matter. It's the person inside that counts. Take what you have and know how to use it.


The better question is why do people go around asking these questions? We all have our own preferences, its not like we need to go around sharing them with everyone.

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Sue Johnson on "sex talk" said.. size doesn't matter because in the female vagina.. the nerve endings only extend 2" into the vagina.... soooooooooooooooooooo ............... argument could be made that Girth counts for more.


However......................... I do like em.... in large packages.... lol.....


but as someone said above... too much and its hitting the cervix..... and that really really hurts.....


How much is too much??? probably anything over 7 or 7.5......

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My ex was quite big and there were a lot of positions we couldnt do because he hit my cervix and it really hurt. On the other hand a small penis is hard to keep in there...i.e. can fall out easily. I would definitely go average length...but it wouldn't hurt if it was a little wider hehe. In any case it doesnt really matter as long as ur man pleases you in one way or another

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