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Have you ever done anything that you still regret 3 years later?

Im in that situation....

I was with my ex Adam for 2 1/2 years. I broke things off cuz he was treating me real bad. I was young and stupid I guess. I was with another guy at the time i dumped him, I just thought he deserved it. so 4 months after we split, he contacted me, we hung out off and on for a few months. He was undecided he wanted to get back togther but still loved me. We both were dating other ppl.

Until...she came into his life. I guess its what goes around comes around. Pretty much he dropped me for her. shes 18 and hes 22 now. i am also 22. he is still at home living and she is there with him living.

It will be a year in aug. since I last talked to him, but i pass him a lot on the road cuz he drives a lumber truck for his town.

Now im to the point that Im finding out I still truly love him, sorry for what I did, I would do anything to be with him, I am so totally love sick! I know i was a b**** what I did to him, you can tell me I am, im not afraid to myself that.

Just.. is or has anyone been in this situation?

Replies are appreciated.


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well yeah I've been in that situation. But I finally realized if I really loved him that I'd let him do what makes him happy and just be happy for him and be his friend, I thought I loved him for a few years and now you know what I realize, I never did love him, at least not as much as i thought i did, and if I did love him at all I don't anymore.

Im sorry i can't give advice other then maybe look at what happened to me and maybe think if that could work?

good luck.


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You said he treated you badly before... If you left him before because of how he treated you, then you did nothing wrong. PERIOD. Having said that, the BEST thing you can do (which also may be the HARDEST thing you can do) is to FORGIVE YOURSELF. We all make mistakes in one way or another, we are human. Learn from whatever mistakes were in that relationship - both yours and his - and know what to do, and what not to do, in the future.


Find other things to do in order to keep your mind occupied - work, running, reading, whatever! Go out with friends and live your life....


No, it won't be easy, but it will be worth it. You have to remember that he treated you badly and that is why you left. It really doesnt matter HOW you left. You will see, other guys out there will love you for who you are and for all you aspire to be. You cannot change the past, so let it go - live and learn!!!!!!!!

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Yes I agree with GOI on this one, you left him because he was treating you badly and you were tired of it.


He's been with his gf now for a year and they are living together, I think your chances are slim and none, and why would you want him back anyway?


Time to forget him and move one. This is one time when you have to stick with your original decision.


He has moved on and so should you.

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yeah, if you let him go a while ago, and he's moved on and is in another serious relationship, it's not really fair for you to try and break them up...i say, that he obviously cared a lot for you and so you can definitely find someone else who can care as much for you...your'e worth more than that, go find someone who's unattached and who you care for...

you can do it , we're rooting for you!

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Thanks for all the replies so far....


I know there may be someone else out there im meant to be with but somehow I see this is all as a big mistake and him and I will be togther in the future, I just get this vibe.


Do I sound weird? lol



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you don't sound weird at all...i understand...

but please, don't try and break them up, that would be really unfair, i know there was this girl that tried to break up my ex and his ex up, and he ended up just losing respect for her...

try and keep his respect by givign him this relationship, and for your sake, hopefully it won't last, and you can swoop in...

but in the meantime look around, date a bunch, maybe you'll find someone better anyways...

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I have no intensions of tryin to break it up between them. whatever is meant to be willl be, just... i have so much i wanna say to him but i know that while hes with her he dont care about me, i dotn know... im just confused on a lot of things.



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Thankies Gradle.


Yeah who knows, i could run into him and he could still love me and its just been lust with her, one can always hope


Its so hard when you fall in love with someone and u think ur done over them but ur not.


He was my everything and I threw it away, but then again he was treating me badly.



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