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Not my type?


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They don't think your personality "suits" them, I guess... Or it could have something to do with your looks or person overall... Maybe it's like they're not interested, cause they're looking for some specific traits that you don't possess... Only those who possess said traits belong to their "type". I dunno, that's what I'm guessing... Hope that was of some help. Peace.

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It means they aren't attracted to you. It's just another way of saying it. I don't think it's shallow for someone to have a "type" of person that they look for or traits that they're looking for in a person. I think it makes sense actually to know what you want, to know what set of traits you are looking for and call that what you will...a type...a kind of personality...I don't see how it's shallow.

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Yes shallow could pin point the reason for a lot of girls I know.

But there are girls like ME (lol) who when they say that they mean that your personality is just so far from theirs and you don't enjoy the same things so it probably wouldn't work out. I don't think I would say that to someone though that would be a mean way to say that, I have all sorts of diff friends non of them are the same so I would say well I don't like you like that but lets be friends (you can't ever have too many friends).



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Ahh...I dont know, I think that's just an easy let down...don't think about it too much, just move on. Just remember(I dont know if you literally heard this from a girl'not my type'), but attraction's not a choice...dont take it personally if someone isn't attracted to you...its just a feeling, and if it isn't there(at least not yet maybe), there's nothing you can really do about it.

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"not my type" = jocks & sports fanatics, anti-feminists, conservative Christians, and those with no discernable sense of humor.


"my type" = wise-cracking, artsy, liberal-leaning, writer/musician types who treat women as their equals


"Not my type" means s/he sees something about you - could be physical looks, could be personality traits, could be hobbies, interests or beliefs, that s/he KNOWS isn't going to match up with who s/he is.


I once made the mistake of getting involved with someone who was a huge sports fanatic. It was ok until we hit college football & basketball seasons. He couldn't understand why I had no interest, and I couldn't understand why he had to go to EVERY home (and some away) games, even when it interfered with other things.


Only made that mistake once. Stuck to the artsy writer/musician types after that. They're easier for me to get along with.

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When I say "not my type" it is because there are some crucial elements of attraction missing - now this does not just mean physically! I am referring usually more to a personality-incompatibilty, or lifestyle incompatibility.


There are just certain qualities missing that I find stimulating for me, for example a sense of humour, and a passion for the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle, as well as curiosity and so on. I am someone who loves life and laughter and is very active in the outdoors, and someone "not my type" would be someone for example who is very "dry" and reserved, focused overly on career or great impressions, does not like outdoors much, for example. It can also mean someone who has radically different views than I..for example I am liberal/left leaning and would have a hard time having a relationship with someone who held many of the opposite views. A good example of this was a guy I talked to last year, he was a Catholic conservative, against gay marriage and even I think a bit homophobic...I just could not tolerate that, my brother is gay and I am very into gay rights.


Basically when I say someone is "not my type" it means that I feel we are not a very good or healthy "fit". Whether it is in terms of personality, lifestyle, interests, passions, physical attraction, beliefs, or so on, there is just something there that is a big red flag to me. Often too, if I can tell they disagree with something about ME, even if I am open to them, it is another red flag.


I don't think that is shallow in the least bit...we deserve happiness and to find that someone who DOES fit with us perfectly. And that person IS out there for each of us. We should be accepted for who we are, and find that person whom we accept for whom THEY are.

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What exactly do girls mean when they say someone isn't their type?


I think it means they're shallow.


I disagree. I agree strongly with what RayKay and shes2smart wrote. It just means that you're not interested in getting romantically involved with the person because of one thing or another. I've told smart, good-looking guys that they weren't my type because I just didn't think that we would be a good match. I'm sure that they would make good boyfriends.... for someone else.

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