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Well here lately I have been thinking a lot about my ex boyfriend, see we dated in 4th grade an back in April we went to our Formal together. Just me dancing with him made me feel so whole. It was like we were connected at that first glace. But I don't know if he still has feelings for me like back in 4th. Some background info on him is he is shy an I was his first an I think his only girlfriend. He is the real shy type when it comes to girls but I really have strong feelings for him.. When we were back in school right before summer vacation we would flirt a lot.. Sometimes in English I would catch his looking an when I would look he would look away or be like "what".. And a couple times we just sat there for 10 whole minutes staring an smiling.. but nothing was said.. So I don't know what to do to get him back..Im afraid to go up to him an be like hey do u like me cause I like u..Im afraid I might scare him away..lol you know how shy guys are.. What can I do to hook us back together. PLEASE PLEASE HELP IM WILLING TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! I mean anything because I have real real strong feelings for him..

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