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What was your biggest misconception about sex when younger?

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I'm sure we all had something weird we thought sex was or involved that turned out to be wrong. One thing off the top of my head I can remember when I was around 8-9 (I never got that talk from my parents ) I thought sex just involved a man/woman rubbing their butts up against the other's. lol I have no idea why I even thought that, but a couple years later I understood what was really involved and it sounded a lot more interesting.

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Hmmm...I'd have to say...can't remember what age exactly b/c it was years from now...but my biggest misconception was when I heard about teen pregnancy and didnt really know anything about sex....I would always say why can't they have sex, but the guy should keep himself OUT of the girl and then ...there would be no risk of pregnancy... Glad that misconception was cleared up hehe

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A buddy of mine lost his 'virginity' in kindergarten. He and a girl got naked and kissed each other's lips once. They thought they had sex!


Also, another funny thing is another buddy of mine thought a vagina was like a penis, just hollow sorta like an elephants trunk.

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i used to think it was a man and woman rubbing against eachother or lying ontop of eachother naked. but then in puberty class in gr 5 i learned the penis ACTUALLY ENTERS THE VAGINA and till now whenever i hear about the intimate details of penetration i clench my vaginal muscles and cross my legs lol!

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Too True!


'Smile Sparkles' Nkaleidoscopic




If by the Smile Sparkles you mean the 'ole 'Man pips' then yeah.

When THOSE guys 'sparkle' they sho as hell make a man smile.




I'm sorry. Did i say summink wrong?

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My biggest misconception was that it was just two people sleeping together- like in the same bed (but for it to be "sex" you had to be sleeping together in your underwear). I found out from seventeen magazine what sex *really* was when I was about ten. I was in traumatic shock for about a week.

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1. I thought that it only involved kissing and that's it, until I was 11 years old, and that is when I learnt about what it really was.


2. I used to also think that girls never had any physical attraction to guys. I thought that guys liked girls, but that girls never had any romantic or sexual feelings towards guys. I held this belief until I was 14 or 15...


3. I didn't know what gay sex was until I was 16


4. I STILL don't know how lesbians have sex, and I don't want to know either.

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My littles cousin used to think that babys were born when the man touched the womans belly button, and that's where the baby came out when it was all made. It was cute cuz he was like 3 but I'm sure he knows the real deal now because he's a teenager now.

As for me, I was 10 when my mom got pregnant for my lil sister. My older sister was 12 and the instant my mom said she was going to have a baby my older sister shouted, "EWW that means you had sex!!" I was shocked as my mom sat there laughing and said how did you think you were made. It was all rather disturbing for a 10 year old would had just learned about her period in school to find out about sex. I was really confused until finally my sister told me about it, Lol. Atleast i didn't have to have the mom talk!

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