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How To Say Im Sorry....

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I suppose everything is getting back to normal with my and my g/f everything is good and all. But i kinda hurt her before on more then occasion i did not mean to id rather have anything then her heart. Well i want to show her im sorry atleast.


Do you know anything i could do to show her i am? A card a gift maybe or do something for her?( I still need to bake her cookies for her) Wont stop her from being hurt whats done is done still id like to show her i am truly sorry. Any ideas would be apreciated. What should i Do?



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Well im not stupid enough to go hurting her again now am i? She knows i am not going to hurt her again now it hurts me when shes hurt and when i know its my fault then......Id have anything but her hurt and she knows that. She knows i am not going to hurt her again but i want to show her that i am sorry for hurting her before that i didnt mean to.....Cards and Gifts, Words and Actions.....Anything to show her i am sorry.

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