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how can i get that special gal i know, plzzz help

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my one is a long story, i dont want to bother you by telling that boring story. the fact is, i had a crush on a gal, it happened almost a year ago. i thought that it was a usual crush, i'd forget her soon, but after a year still i cant forget her. infact, i WAS not interested in any kind of relationship. but that cute lil gal made me change. still today i think about her. so, i think it is no more a ordinary crush.


plz people, help me. i donno what to do. i'm always afraid that, if i just go and talk to her, she might get hurt. i dont want to hurt her anyway.


another problem is, i am a bangladeshi ordinary guy. im 20, and she's a daughter of a rich father. she's 19 or 20. we are in same university ... though she's two years junior of me.


i dont have experience of proposing any gal, or being dumped by anyone ... so plz, someone give me some advice.

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I think proposing to her wouldn't be the best idea. I would recommend that you two go on a few dates. Neither of you want to get hurt so try going slow. See how things are going from there. (I've liked this guy for four years now, and I think it's time for me to say something to him, possibly, if I don't chicken out.) But If you've been crushing on her for a year and can't stop thinking about her then go do something with her.

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thanks whatdoyado for ur suggestions. but u didnt get me what i was askin about. so, im tellin about our status briefly...


we met her a year ago. i think she also had a crush on me, as she used to be around me all the time. at that time i was totally "not-interested" on any realtionship, so i just ignored her. after 6 months she have to left for a residential semester. so, i havent seen her for a while. when she came back [after 4 months] she seemed to lose interest. anyway ... i liked that girl from the beginning. but i thought it was a simple crush, i would forget her. but i didnt forget.


so, 2 weeks ago, i decided to talk to her. i didnt know her name, in which department she's studying, even if she got any BF.


i recently engaged a guy and a gal for helping me. surprisingly, the guy is in one of the same classes of her, and the gal came out to be that gal's chilhood friend.


still, i cannot think of anything. it is not possible to ask her for any date... and yeah, by the proposing i meant to propose her to going out, sorry i misused that word.


plz help me. i think i dont have much time.

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