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Really long orgasm

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me and my girl usually have sex about 7-8 times a week, she says on average she has 1 or two big ones if lucky and the rest are smaller ones. she says that the best ones are when it only lasts for a couple of seconds. the smaller ones that last 10 or 15 seconds are only so so.


today she said that this orgasm was the best ever becuase it lasted over 30 seconds and it felt really intense.



her body confuses me because she says that the longer they last the weaker they are?


how can thisd work?

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It happens... it could be a huge erruption... or a quiet one... or a series of them... small ones... or whatever whatever. I'm a woman.. and I can't explain it to you. LOL.


May be due to a lot of reasons... time of month. What you are doing at the time. Whatever. As long as she tells you that she's happy and that she's having them... don't question nature....


You are in the ZONE and that is all that matters. Big ones, small ones, a series of them... hard or soft... it doesn't matter. She's happy... you should be happy.


And she already told you... she doesn't know why it happens... why question a good thing. lol.

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