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help? still confused....

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k sorry i know i've been posting a lot about the same thing, but today is day 7 and still no period. this morning i took another pregnancy test (first response) bc i know it is better to do them in the morning. it still said negative. like ive said my breasts feel sore, and it seems as if the veins on them are becoming easier to see (could be my imagination as i was inspecting them after i heard of that being one of the signs of pregnancy.) i also felt as if i was having slight cramps (could have been my imagination) before. well, if i were feeling "signs of pregnancy" then i would have enough of the pregnancy hormone in me to test positive, right? i just have no idea why my period is so late, at least seven days have gone by since the day i was supposed to get it. i know it is extremely unlikely for me to get pregnant the way i described in my previous posts, however i cant help but worry due to the circumstances. help?

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Hi lauriecat,

I'm thinking that your late period is due to stress. Your symptoms sound like you're about to get your period. If you are using the pregnancy test correctly, then they tend to be pretty accurate (of course there could be exceptions). The only way to calm your fears right now is to go see your daughter or go to a Planned Parenthood-type of place and have them test you for free. But I have a feeling you will be getting your period soon...

If it turns out you are not pregnant and you plan on continuing to have sex, you should definitely inquire about the morning-after pill. It is a pill that is a high dose birth control pill and you take it the morning after (or within 72-hours) of sex when you think your primary birth control has failed. It prevents pregnancy, and it is not to be confused with the RU-486 abortion pill, which a woman takes after she is pregnant.

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I too think it could be stress related, And it also could be a medical problem other then pregnancy. Just because you have a missed period does not always means its a pregnancey. I would make a appointment with your doctor and get youself fully checked out. This way you mind can be at ease instead of waiting around for answers from a pregnancey test that may not be accurate..good luck

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Sometimes your body just gets wacked out. If you have to much on your plate I suggest that you take a day off and relax. I've never had sex before and there are times when I've got a lot going on my period is late. If you don't have your period after two weeks of when you should have had it then you should definitely check into it.


Signs of pregnacy would be sensitivity to smells, like something you would normally be fine with makes you wanna hurl. That one makes me laugh. lol

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At age 16 your body and mentsrual cycle is still regulating itself. It could be a few more years before you can really have a consistantly regular period.


As others have said, relax and try not to worry too much. If you used the test correctly they are pretty accurate.


I don't remember your first thread too well, did you actually have sex?

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This is going to sound weird, but have you had an orgasm recently? That causes uterine contractions and may be enough to get your period going. Try masturbating. What do you have to lose?


It has worked for me on more than one occasion when I felt like my uterus contained paving bricks.

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I still doubt you are pregnant. Your pregnancy tests don't show it, and there's only a few days in your cycle that you can really become pregnant anyhow. If you know the first day of your last period, you can actually count the days where you most likely would become pregnant. There's web sites that can give you the exact days.

Even though I've heard of cases where women got pregnant in the manner you mentioned, it's actually very difficult and highly unlikely.


Hope everything works out for the best for you. I still think your period delay is because of nerves. Same thing happened to me when I first had sex---I was afraid I was pregnant and that is the one time my period was late!!!

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At age 16 your body and mentsrual cycle is still regulating itself. It could be a few more years before you can really have a consistantly regular period.


Uh, I'm 41 and I've NEVER had a regular cycle.


I'm sorry to hear that, shes 2.... it happens that way sometimes.


I also have a friend who is 33 and on the pill is the only way to regulate her and she gets massive headaches from it so she chooses irregularity instead.

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