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How does a guy know whether or not they are good looking?


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Your personality is way (WAY) more important than how you look to chicks. That's just how it is. You can get in the gym, buy some nicer looking clothes, get a new haircut, but most of all you need to practice not being so shy. Once you overcome that, your success with women will improve a ton. And the only way to stop being so shy is to force yourself to talk to everybody.

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Looks only matter for short while and very often not at all. I have seen some less than good-looking guys with stunning women - and it is usyallu because they have confidence, or personality or charisma.

True, a la a good friend of mine. Even he is still amazed he got her!

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You can only truly be good looking, when you don't care if you are. When you can wear a suit, jeans, or bunny slippers and still say "I look good" that is confidence.


Everyone is attractive to someone, so don't bother with it. It is just more hassle then its worth.

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I have seen a lot of gorgeous women with Leisuresuit Larry type guys, but you can't always bank on that happening. I know it sounds horrible, but I think that a lot of the time it is because those guys are raking in tons of cash and can provide the girl with things that make her happy - nice cars, vacations, etc. I know this is not always the case, so don't flame me for this.


I also agree that confidence and personality play a part in being good looking. Hit the gym and get in shape. That will not only improve you confidence, but also dramatically adds to your looks.

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Good looks are like the sun. They're blinding. If a girl can't quite look at you, but can't quite look away either, something's up.


That being said, I agree with everyone else. Good looks can be a catalyst, but it's chemistry that seals the deal.


My personal view of myself is sort of in between. I wont say I'm good looking, I wont say I'm ugly. While I don't have a lot of confidence in myself, I don't really care what other people think of me either...they either like me or they don't, simple.


ComputerGuy, you're cute and you know it!!! You look like one of those rare blokes whose insides match his outsides. 8)

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I don't know if I am good looking or not, and I don't really care either. Looks are not that high on what women want. Its love and commitment that matters to them the most. Also for guys...looks are not as inportant as love and commitment.


I am happy with the way I look, and I hope that everyone else is. I really think that there is no such thing as an ugly girl. ALL girls are beautiful.

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Thanx heaps for the compliment, I don't think I've ever been called cute before


Well then I'm honored to have been the first!


I_love_rain_hugs_and_you, I wish I were a guy. I'd love never having to worry how I look. As for me, looks have always been secondary to a guy's heart (you know those little things great guys do that reveal great character and integrity) and how he makes me feel when I'm around him.

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Meh, I consider myself good looking. Mainly because a lot of people say so, but even if I wasn't, it wouldn't matter, cause I don't really think it's been beneficial to me so far. Maybe if I was the kind of guy who wants to get as many girls as possible, I would care.

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Guys worry about there looks too, it just isn't as obvious as most of the media attention is focused on how females should look. Plus females have so many more options in clothing or makeup, so it seems like they worry about it more. But guys can be everybit as concerned.


I_love_rain, with that kind of attitude you should have girls dying to go out with you. Confidence, a gentleman, and thinking they are beautiful... don't change.

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