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She is just in the same country and town now. We have been in relationship for like 6 months.. but yea it's a cyber relationship.. and we are going to meet first time.. i'm kinda shy confused.. and feeling crossy.. where to start? where to go? what to talk? How to welcome? Should i gift her something on first date? and this date is really important to me.. as she will have hardly chance to come again in near future.. So Want ideas.. Suggestions.. TIPS

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Well, think of something that she likes- her favorite flowers, favorite book or what not and give that to her as a gift. When you first meet up with her I would hug her and give her a kiss on her forhead. Hold her hand when you are walking or sitting in the car. Take her somewhere where you two can spend alone time, restraunt for dinner and then a walk in a park where you two look at the stars all night.....Good luck

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