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girls please help me out thanks

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ok so i told this girl i liked for a while that i like her and then she told me she has a boyfriend and she is flattered, so i asked for her email and sn and she gave them to me. So what i dont know is what does flattered mean? and I know she kinda likes me or at least dont dislike me, she gave me her email and sn does that mean she wants me to ask her out anyways? thanks so much, i just need some direction on what i should do next.

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it sounds to me as if she was just giving you her email adress as a friendly gesture. she said she was flattered, meaning she was happy that someone like you likes her, but she probably doesnt feel the same way about you. if she has a boyfriend, don't ask her out. be respectful to him.

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lol yeah guys here like to say negative comments so quickly.. but to tell the truth...


She could like u or not... but the main point here is that she has aboyfriend..... the usual response for this is moveon moveon... man look for someone single... moveon lol


Well yeah relatively they are right... hmm i dont know what to say.. look at ur heart and c what is it trying to tell u.. if its telling u that there is hope and that it is better for u to still have feelings for her go on.. if not do as they are saying.... when u decide u will still have feelings for her... dont put too much hope on it... and dont put urself in an embarressing situation...


now she knows that u like her, if she wants something more from u she will tell u.. i hope u goodluck... if anyone has comments or correction for what i said please let me hear it...

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We're not being negative...there's just no 'hidden signals' within her giving you her s/n and email, she's just being a friend...nothing more.


She likes you ...as a friend, but she doesn't want you to ask her out.


I dont know what else you really want out of this, its cool that she wasn't really negative back to you about it, and she understands....but there's nothing hidden behind all of this.

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yeah sure what she did means that she likes him as a friend and nothing more... if she liked him more than a friend she could have said it... but i mean like things could need sometime or something...


For now she likes him as a friend i agree.. but this doesnt mean he that he must move on.. the problem now is that she has a boyfriend..

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the problem now is that she has a boyfriend..


It's kind of an understatement! obviously the fact she has a boyfriend is the problem otherwise there would be no problem. The fact some of you said "drop her" or "forget her!" is a bit harsh don't you think?


I mean they can be friends, why not!


Hope things improve over time Kline1245



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She wants to be your friend, nothing wrong with that. Don't "drop her" that would just be rude and if he did he really wouldn't have liked her much in the first place to be able to do something like that. Realize that you can't pursue a romantic relationship because you have to respect what she already has. But in being her friend he's being around her which is good. Who knows what could happen in the future.


Look on the bright side, at least she didn't say, "drop dead loser" or was mean to you.

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The guys that say drop her are the ones that always have to be with a girl and in a relationship of some sort. "If she's not available, move to the next." I'm not a fan of sloppy seconds.


She is in a relationship with a guy so the best she can say is that she is flattered. (flattered can mean great, but can't be with you right now or as a compliment that she is completely thrilled that you like and she needs to do whatever or you have no chance with her, its just nice to know someone else likes her too)


She could of given you her sn and email because she still wants to keep in contact with you so when she doesn't have her bf anymore maybe ya'll can hang.

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