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OK guys how would you handle a situation like this? before i start i would like to point out that i dont think i have a chance with this gal and its not a ooo i like her how do i make her like me post!


Basically gal i kinda liked (not so much atm) i twiced asked her for sum money she gave me £2 and £3 on two different occasions for lunch so i owe her a £5!


Anyway a couple of times she has mentioned that i owe her the money, fair enough etc


now normally she doesnt like hanging out me with outside college, and we live too far away to meet up just like that and neither of us drive,


cheekily whens she asked me for the money ive said things like


"well why not come and meet me and you can collect it?"


or "how about i pay ya back by buying lunch"?


but all the time she comes back with "nah dont worry about it"


now like i said im not bothered about getting her to hang out with me (altho that would be a bonus) but im more interested in lines i can say and come back with when she says that?


cocky and funny and not too bothered lines?



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They're fine replys man....she's just not biting the bait, I think you should move on tho, just pay her back.


As for an example, I used that same type of thing with the last girl I dated, on one occasion she 'proved me wrong' about something....so I asked if she wanted a prize...and she said 'Yea of course.' Then I said "Alright....your prize is getting to eat lunch with me on (day)." ...and she said 'Yea, great!"...sooo see I think this girl you're talking to would have said yes if she really wanted to.

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Personally, when I loan someone money, I just want the money back and not some alternate means of covering the amount. I realize this is only a few bucks (or pounds), but I would pay her back the money, then ask her out. Then you could say:


"I wanted to pay you back so you don't feel like a customer when we shag."


Too c0cky ?

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