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Should I feel jealous or no....?

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Hi Guys,


I've been with my current gf for 2 months and things are going very well. However, everytime she mentions her guy friends.. I cant help feeling jealous.


Here's the situation: In a few days she will be attending a university ball. She will be modelling on a show during the ball also. I never asked to be her partner and she never invited so I thought.. Probably just university students (Im a full time worker, out of school.. She's only 2nd year student).. I feel really left out and I dont want to know that she's gonna at the ball with guys perving.


Should I...


1. Just let her go have some fun and not speak a word of it

2. Ask why she didnt invite me and I feel left out and jealous

3. Stop over reactiing because I should be trusting her and not let my imagination take over.


Please let me know your thoughts..

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2 and 3. You need to trust your girlfriend, but there is nohting wrong with asking her why she did not invite you (after the ball). She needs to know that you were hurt... open communication is the key. The more you two talk, the closer you will become. Ive learned this with my current g/f.

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