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not sure if this is the right way to go about it...

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hi, ive posted here like twice, and that was months ago. well, same kinda problem here, didnt make any progress before, only difference is now its the end of the year. i wanna at least let her know that im interested, as i kinda have trouble with that part of things. today i was hoping to..., and she was with her friends, so i didnt. Anyways, the problem is that i have 1 more chance (maybe, if she has an exam that day..), and then were gone for 10 weeks. well, since i may not even see her, i was thinking about emailing her and seeing if she might want to see a movie or wutever, but ppl i know say that thats the worst thing to do, and you have to do it in person or not at all. were both a little shy, and its not that i find myself unattractive or anything, its just i get so nervous. anyways, would anyone recommend or advise against doing it by email? or any stories of when u have and it did/didnt work? any help is appreciated.


by the way, i only have her email, and that was kind of an accident, i didnt really ask she helped me out on a math project... no number, or anything else.

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Speaking from a girl's point of view I wouldn't e-mail her. She might take offense to it especially since you didn't get the address from her. What I would do is something creative. For example one of my ex-boyfriends left a card and rose on my car as a way of introducing himself to me. He left his number and and a paragraph saying that he wanted to talk to me but was too shy! Try something like that or even that if you know what she drives...that's if she drives.

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