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so she asked me out to a fashion show

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i asked this gal who in the past has always said no when ive asked her out to hang out (4 or 5 times ive asked) weather or not she was good at football and wanted to play in a tournament with us (coz we need a gal) she said


no sorry but do ya wanna go to a fashion show with us?


now i know the us bit means its not a date, i dont know who us is but i can kinda guess (a couple of blokes and some gals i know)


its her sisters show at our college and i when it is, she said she doesnt know but she will buy my ticket for me


so i said let me know and date and ill let ya know if i can come


i probably can come wateva date it is, but should i? knowing that she hasnt hanged out with me when ive asked and knowing shes an attention seeker who i kinda liked in the past and im doing my best to forget about!


what should i say? yes/no? any lines i can use?


cheers for the help

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well seeing as she said no when you asked her to the football and now she is asking you to this, it seems like she just doesn't like football. I think she wants to hang out with you just not at football. If you wanna go hang out this would be a good opertunity, if men are willing to go do girl things they will open up to more guy stuff like football.

if you really don't want to go to a fashion show then just suggest somethign esle. good luck.


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I dont think its a she doesnt like football thing for a start i asked if she was good at footy and she said she was!


plus others will be there at this fashion show and ive asked her many times like i said out eg shopping cinema bowling and shes said no


i dont mind going to the fashion show altho not my kinda thing, the thing i dont like is other guys who are interested in her will be there plus i think why should i hang out with her on her demand when she doesnt wanna hang out with me when i ask?

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well maybe she's just starting to like you or something like that, idk just an idea.

yeah I know what you are talkign about thought, I now have an ex friend cause of the I'll only hang out when I feel like it and what I wanna do thing. it's disgustiningly sickening isn't it lol.

he'll never call me, but i better call, he'll never drive here to see me, but I better get a ride there, so on. blah blah blah.

well good luck with whatever happens.


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I think you should go to see what's up, but if you are not having a good time then excuse yourself and leave early. Nothing says you have to stay if she is not being attentive enough or whatever.


Give it a shot and see what happens. Good luck!

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