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my last year of highschool i always used to see this girl in scholl walking down the halls, she would always ware a long sleeved shirts or sweaters. one day i saw her ware a short sleee shirt and for the first part of the day i really thought that it was costume skin, it looked like she had dont it with sharpened forks and later someonie said it was real and that they had been doing it since grade school?


becuase of her the school actually started a program that day for students believing it was bigger than they currently knew.


are most people who cut afraid to show people or do they show off?

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Some people might see cutting like getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo is painful, but it's a way to decorate the body. In the same way, cutting might hurt, but for some its a way to decorate the body, and maybe make themselves more beautiful. Many cultures around the world cut their skins for decoration. Many cut themselves, and then rub dirt into their wounds in order to make a certain pattern on their skin.


But remember not to confuse cutting for decoration with people who cut because they have serious emotional problems. For them, cutting is a painful addiction, a way to release the emotional pain that is bottled up inside them.

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From the few friends I know who have cut (or who do cut) because of emotional reasons, I have gathered that they prefer to hide their cuts... They are dealing with emotions and releasing it through cutting, and don't want the outside world to know about it... Now, the extension to that is those people who have gotten over their emotional attachment to cutting and now they are facing life in a different way. Yes, they have the scars from cutting, but they do not hide those scars.


Kinda like someone who has been badly burned, I guess... Some people hide those scars and some people learn how to live without hiding them... I would have to say that it is not an easy place to reach, I'm sure...

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With the exception of my one friend, who cuts as a way of decorating his skin.. my friends who cut are terrified of letting people know that they cut. I've seen some of them go to really strange lengths to hide their cuts/scars.

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i relate more than one could imagine, but i wore a bandade o mine for four years its a cry for help! its all about wanting someone to know what they are going throug. and wearing the scares proudly. but she is definatly asking for help. i dont want to scare u but its also a suicidal symptom. try saying hi or something dont show fear.

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I cut and am not embarrassed to show my scars. I just dont like showing my fresh cuts as people ask to many questions. i can seal with the scars as although i loath them they are less obvious than crimson slashes.


I have a few friends who also cut and i really dont knw of any who do it for show. most of them fear to show their cuts.


Scarification is a form of cutting pictures (much like tattoos) into the skin, it can look really pretty!! but it isnot really the same as self harming.


jen xx

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the majority of people who cut do it for attention. if that person always wore longsleeves most of the time, did you consider maybe she left her sweatshirt or something somewhere?probably irrelevant, but maybe showing her scars was unintentional.

there are a ton of reasons people cut some examples


as weird as it sounds i know a few people who cut for religious reasons and they show them off.


if someones cuts are showing chances are it is a cry for help, in all honesty its not that hard to grab a sweatshirt or throw on some make up.


they want not only for someone to notice they are in pain but sympathise with it.


to answer your question, now-a-days most people show off their cuts


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She won't care who sees her arms! I know because I don't care who sees mine!


Some people say that we do it for attention. If that's the case then why has she kept it hidden for so long? It could be that she doesn't want people staring at her or asking awkward questions. It's obvious that she has mental problems. That does not mean she is mad!


I did mine because I was angry with myself! I also felt that nobody loved me. That wasn't the case. My husband and family care about me a lot. It's just that my brain told me they didn't. Also, I had issues from the past that I had never dealt with including the fact that I'm 41 have been married for 13 years and since 1999 have discovered I don't know my sexuality anymore! Eventually everything built up and I couldn't cope anymore. So I hurt myself!


She may have problems that she needs to deal with. I got help from my G.P. who referred me to a psychiatrist and I haven't hurt myself since last year!


The best advice I can give you is just try and understand that not everyone can deal with stressful situations, etc.


If you become her friend just be there for her. If she wants to talk let her but don't push for answers or she'll feel like a caged animal.


I hope this has helped.

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Why do people hurt themselves? Why is the sky blue? Each person is different and is in a different situation. My one friend cut herself in a place where it was easy to see. I think she wanted people to see it--not necessarily to show it off, so they would help her. I have been a cutter for almost 7 years now and I definitely don't show my scars off. I haven't told my mother or grandparents, and I don't think I ever will. I have told other people about my s.i., though, and they have seen my scars at one point or another. I'm somewhere in between. I think I'll always hide them from my mom. But at the same time, I'm working on being comfortable with myself to be able to wear whatever I want and let them show if they are going to. It's a hard thing. I've always been really self-conscious and this doesn't help, but it's a work in progress and will be for some time. Eventually I'll be able to wear a two piece bathing suit (or just a one piece without shorts), but until I'm 110% comfortable talking about it, I've devised an explanation for those who have to have their curiosity satisfied. Those who I've told know the truth and accept it. For those who I don't know, don't trust, or think would flip out, I nonchalantly tell them that they're growing pains--everybody has them; most people's are on the inside, mine just happen to be on the outside. Hope this gives you some insight into the reality of people who hurt themselves.

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