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followup on my freakout last night

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i took a first response pregnancy test about ten minutes ago, it came up negative. today is five days after my missed period, and the test claims its effective up to five days before your missed period, so hopefully it is accurate. i've been feelings "symptoms" of pregnancy, so i thought (see my post from last night), but i heard that if im really having symptoms then i would have enough of the pregnancy hormone in me to test positive. what do you guys think? how good are first response pregnancy tests? i have an extra one, should i test again tonight to be absolutely sure or wait until next week to use it (if i still dont have my period?)

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Wait until next week. Testing again tonight won't make much difference over this morning, even less so as it won't be first morning urine which is stronger.


Even though first response CAN be accurate "UP to five days before" notice the UP to...if you read package you will see that it is less accurate in days leading up to period then when you miss it. It is only about 60-70% accurate five days ahead.


Your symptoms might me normal PMS ones, though you are just more aware of them right now as you are looking for them. Things like tender breasts are common to PMS and pregnancy, as with headaches, bloating, even feeling ill.

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