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What are my chances

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Ok, I've never had a job before (part time) and I'm 18 and just graduated from high school. I want to get a job this summer (to make some money and to get out of the house). There's a Blockbuster video store a block away from my house (very convenient) that I have been thinking about applying for. This girl at school (also 18) works at another video store nearby, so I know that people my age can work there.


What are my chances of being able to get a position at Blockbuster? I assume I'd have to fill out a resume.. but I have no prior jobs to fill out in "Experience".


I know that working at a movie store can't be that hard, but I'd just like to know what I am getting myself into. Or am I making a big deal out of this?



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Hey there,

You will get the job. Trust me. Everyone has to start out somewhere, and in entry level positions like fast food, movie stores, retail sales, etc. you do not necessarily need to have experience.


Just go in, be sharp, fill out the online application, as I am sure there is one... and bring a resume if you are called in for an interview. Be punctual, flexible, and come accross as hardworking.


The job is practically yours. ;-)


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under experience put anything from mowing lawns, to babysitting, to random high school club activities where you had any level of responsibilty. Just think back, I am sure you have had some kind of work experience and just do not realize that it would be considered such. Employers understand that everyone has to start out somewhere.

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If you're low on experience, make sure your references are good. They just want to know they can trust you. Don't forget to list any volunteer experience you might have too! When you get to the interview, smile, act confident, and compliment something about how the place is run. I did that by accident once, and the job was instantly mine.


One more thing: Focus on telling interviewers why you'd be a good fit for the job. For instance, are you willing to work weekends and nights? Say so! The more you can solve the interviewers problems, the more likely you are to get the job. Good luck!

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