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me and this girl i really like are both 15, spend lots of time together and i really like her. we call each other and talk to each other alot, and i just found out she has a bf. today we talked for a while and she revealed to me that she wasnt so sure that she liked him anymore, and well i REALLY am crazy about her. but im thinking possibly she likes me because well, today for example i spent the entire day with her, she playfully pushes me around and i guess sorta flirts with me a little bit, we shared a mocha at starbucks, talked about our previous love life to each other and stuff.. i cant really ask her to be my gf while she is going out with this other guy, but if she doesnt really like this other guy then maybe i should. im very confused on what to do..help[/i]

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It kinda sounds as if she's interested in you.. but no one but her knows for sure..


She might just be fliriting with you..


Girls can normally tell a mile off when a guy's interested anyway lol


Wait.. is my advice.


Try and get more friendly with her. Friendship should be the basis of all relationships.


If she breaks up with her boyfriend, wait some more, you don't wanna seem like you're just jumping in.


There's nothing attractive about extra luggage in a relationship.. so let her get over her boyfriend first of all.. take it from there.


If she doesn't break up with her boyfriend, there's nothing stopping you being friends with her, don't cheat with her though..


It's not fair to either of you.. or her current boyfriend.


Good Luck 'n keep us posted..

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