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missed period... followup.. PLEASE HELP I CANT SLEEP!!!!

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so another day has gone by, and still no period. it's so weird, because we never actually had sex until my period was already late. but ofcourse theres that chance that he fingered me while he had a little semen on his hand and didn't realize. i'm freaking out, i can't go to sleep, and he is really getting stressed about this as well. anyway i am taking a pregnancy test tomorrow, but there's still so many things i have to worry about.


1) any day now my mom is going to realize that i haven't gotten my period when i should have. i can't tell her what happened, she will make me break up with my boyfriend and never ever trust me again! our relationship is already a little shaky, i just dont want to risk it.


2) i'd definitely get an abortion... but is that allowed without parental consent? do they have to know about it? i really don't want to get my stepfather involved, that would be the worst.


3) what are some signs that i should look out for? what are reasons my period could be late? my periods been pretty much regular for the past two or so years. my cycle is, on average, a 22-23 day cycle. today is the 27th day. my breasts are hurting, and ive been feeling a little sick this morning and a few days ago. other than that i feel normal.



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Well your breasts being sore and the nausea are possible symptoms of pregnancy but they could also be attributed to other things.


Take the test tomorrow. If it is positive you are probably best to lay it out on the table for your mom. I am sure she will support you through things (sure she may get a little upset) and you will need some support.


I am not sure age you are required to be to get an abortion without consent. Post where you are from and I am sure some members of enotalone will know. Alternatively do some research on the internet.

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