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Still loving after all this time.

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I have been out of my relationship with a man I consider my soulmate for a little over a year now. I still love him, and he does me. Has anyone else still kept the mutual love with an ex after they were gone. I have since been in a loving relationship as has he, but neither of us have ever lost the incredible love and bond that we once shared. I do believe he was my soul mate, and that he will continue to be that forever. Perhaps we knew each other too well to be together. Has anyone else ever felt this way? Like the two of us were almost too close and too able to read each others souls to actually keep a relationship together... one so full of passion and honesty that it ultimately could never work?

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I hear you...my ex and I connect like a glove every time we talk. We're really comfortable, act & talk like 10 year olds when we want and still miss each other and although she has a b/f now she has admitted how much we can be alike and miss me


It's hard but sometimes two people cannot be together for one reason or another. Sometimes I want her back really bad...and another time I'm thinking there's always someone out there that can make me happier...

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