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We'll its been 4 weeks now....... things have gotten better emotionally for me but not 100 percent.... id say im still hanging on with a lot of hope for a reconciliation which is why im posting here under GETTING BACK TOGETHER rather than healing after a break up. Anyways its been 2 months since we broke up and I have a pretty good perspective on what went wrong in the relationship, things that were good in the relationship, and ways to improve me and us (if there will be an us). I dont plan on callin her but what I want to do is send her a brief email just asking her how her internship is going?(she was real stressed out about it which kinda added to the breakup). And thats it. I know that i can talk to her right now without bringing up us/the past or have any emotional outbursts. Anyways we both go to the same college and its small and all of our friends are basically mutual friends, so i figure one way or another things are gonna have to work themselves out so things are not so awkward come august. So im kind of hung up on this decision... i started a new job today and I dont want to get bumbed out if she didnt return the email.......also my bday is commin up july 7th the big 21 so im debating whether or not to wait till then and if she calls go with that and if she dosnt just wait till school. I know that these things take time so what do you guys think?

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Ok so i decided not to break contact at all seeing as things are getting better for me. This week has been the most positive week for me as I have not really had a terrible day thinking about her. The bad new is that I still think of her almost every hour of the day. Ive been stayin really busy with friends, lifting, sports and family. So my bday is commin up next week on the 7th. Im trying not to get my hopes up of her callin or makin any contact because i dont want to let it ruin the day if she dosnt (seeing as its my 21st). But, if she does contact me what do you think the best way to react is......im at the point where i can act calm and cool and not mention the relationship at all. Its weird how its been 2 months and I still care for her more than anything.....id really like to know how her internship and life is going. anyways thanks a lot.

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