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think ive done something stupid!


infact i know i have, need to know if theres anyway i can save myself!



Basically chatting to this gal on msn, she says hi, i ask her how she is etc she says all the better for hearing from you!


then we had some chit chat about the dentists she had been too


then she says are ya watching blah blah


i said kinda but i havent watched it for a while and then i said has (gal on the program) always looked that fit? she said woteva, she said well i ait telling ya whats been going on if ya havent watched it i said what i knew had happened she said shut up, i said y? coz u know im right? she said no! i said coz im brilliant and if i keep talking you wont be able to stop thinking about me? she said lol yeh def! beiing sarcastic obviously! so i said yep thought so, she said lol!


so im doing ok, ive been a little cokcy and funny,


then she says "iam going to go, ill se ya tomorrow if your in" (college)


then she says "love ya see ya xxxxx"


now here i should of said toodles xx as i usually do


but stupidly i said "no dont go stay!" ive just got into (tv show)!!


then she said "you'll see me tomorrow xxxxx"


then she went!


ive had a mare! ive come off too desperate havent i?


worst thing is ive liked her for a while and about a week ago i realised she was an attention seeker and i decided to move onto her best friend but i still kinda have feelings for her so i dont wanna sound like a jerk!! and last few days she been more intrested in me than ever before! saying things like she will cry if i go away (planning on moving) and saying things like her bday wouldnt be the same without me and stuff!


is there anyway i can save myself with a text or something i can do tomorrow?


cheers for the hep!

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A few thoughts:


You are looking a little to far into it. You are playing it fine, that one line at the end didnt make you look bad really. Its easy to beat ourselves up over meaningless stuff. I think its fine.


Also, dont do anything more. Leave it as is. She probably didnt think anything of it.


Relax man Youll be fine, ya just gotta be chill.

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Agreed with other posters. It's not a big deal to anyone but you, who has no doubt been agonizing over it since she hung up. She has probably long forgotten it by now, and if you text her or call about it you will make it a big deal to her, not necessary.


Relax, enjoy your evening and when you see her tomorrow act as though nothing has happened.

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