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Ever get treated like you were invisible?

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MMK, so I just got back from this huge skate demo with Bam and some other skaters. I dont skate, I was just there for fun, so I alreadey felt out of place cause everyone was a skater type person there. Long story very very short, I've been awake for over 36 hours and have had very little food in me. We stayed up all night wanting to be the first ones there, and we were, except, it sucked.

A friend of mine met these two rather sl*ty skater girls and they just joined our group of guys. Well I'm not too open of a person to begin with, and I'm not perverted idiot, but it seemed like the only people who were getting a responce from anyone in the group(now that the girls showed up) were the guys that were acting like perverted idiots. I tired to talk and just add my normal conversation .2cents but it seemed they acted as if I was not there, or as if I was talking to myself. It really sucked, a lot. So I just left and I barely got a goodbye, I had to force it out of my best friend. He wanted me to stay only cause I was his ride home.

This is just what happens to me a lot. I try and meet any one new, and everyone acts as if I was invisible, and I'm sick of it. What can I do?

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i am treated the same way. I think all you can do is meet diffrent people. Mabye ur friends personalities are alot more vibrant than urs so others would rather talk to them. Maybe push yourself out a bit more, or just meet new people on ur own (my personal suggestion)

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I agree with you Finchabald, but I think I just figured out my problem. I am not a skater, and the friend of mine that left before me is not a skater. I asked him if he felt ignored too, and he said yes. So I came to the conclusion that since he and I never got on a skateboard the whole time we were there, and all the rest of the people knew how to skateboard somewhat that that was the reason why no one would really talk to us. They all had that one thing in common and that was the whole reaosn every one was there. Once the skater girls got into the group, all of the attention was shifted onto them and it was almost as if you had to talk to the girls to talk to my friends.

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That can happen when you don't neccesarily want to do something, but everyone else does. You individuality can suffer tremendously. I suggest sometimes maybe just go along with the flow, and not worry if you seem invisible. The same thing will happen to that other person, I'm sure. As long as you only care about having fun in those uncoftorable situations, you'll be fine. Good luck!

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I've felt invisible at times too. I feel pretty rejected or boring when it happens. But in your case, you shouldn't take it personally because:


1. You weren't skating.


2. There were girls there.


I'd say don't go next time- what's the point? You're not losing your friends just because you don't go, and you didn't have any fun.


If you want to meet new people, you probably shouldn't go to a skate park when you don't skate. You should go places where you'll find people that have things in common with you.

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It was not a skate park, it was like 3 semi trucks unloading a stage, skate ramps, and a ton of tents.

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I was there just with friends, I actually want to learn how to skateboard now but, I have terrible balance cause of my many ear infections messing with my inner ear. Otherwise, skateboarding would be a breeze for me. Yes there were a lot of girls too. As I told my friend, if you did not see your type of girl there today, you might like guys instead.

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