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I have been seeing an ex. He dumped me and later got out of his way trying to hang out with me again. It was weird at first but lately we have been hanging out almost every weekend and having a good time ever since (he initiated it every time).


Nobody knows about us coming back to hang out together, except my best friend. I don't want to think that he uses me for sex but it is the way thing is, which I am fine with it because I will be relocating to another country soon and perhaps I will never ever meet him again this life.


Last time he contaced me saying that we should hang out but he was not sure because his family would come visit. He suggested 2 dates and said we would talk about it when he knew for sure his family's schedule. I heard no word from him on the day that he suggested us to hang out. Then, there is another time that he suggested but it would be the day that his family comes back in town before they go home. I know he doesn't want his family to know that we come back to hang out together, which is kind of brothering me. I at least need some acceptance as his friend, if not as the girl he is sleeping with (his family knew about me when I dated him the first time).


I know that he would want to hang out on the day his family comes back in town (coz he will be free from work that day). The thing is I also know that I have to rush home that day so that his family won't see me. I start to think about it a lot and feel like it is a kind of disrespecful. Do I suggest another time instead of having to run and hide from his family? I want to see him but I don't like the idea of having to hide. My time is running out and I want to see him every minute I could. Please help. Any suggestion would be helpful.

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I think it's pretty shady that any man would ask you to run and hide when his family comes around. It does seem very disrespectful, and in my opinion I think you should just stop hanging out with him altogether. If even a friendly relationship cannot be kept in the open, something is going on. You're leaving the country soon. More of a reason to stop hanging out with him now.

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