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I'm shy and need advice.. I dont know what to do...

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I think I posted something like this before... but oh well.. here i go


I've been liking this guy for a long time since the year started we talked and such he even offered me a ride home he always started our conversations and used to talk to me in class and get in trouble for it. walk out of class with me etc..


Then after the semester was over we didnt have any classes we stopped talking... I went to football practice a few times... I caught him staring at me he even moved his friends out of the way so he can still stare at me..(it was great haha) I went to his work with my friend a couple of weekends ago.. hes a bagger and he was staring at me like full on staring (i'm not sure if staring is a good sign or not) anyways...His twin brother stares at me alot also just like "i think i know her look" also my crushes friends kept looking at me when i was at the prom (my crush wasnt there)


My friend knows him... and talked to him telling him her friend heather (thats me) likes him he got excited and asked me my last name, what i looked like... my friend replied by saying "I dont know her last name, but she has blonde hair...she really likes you." my crush then told her we should meet....


I'm EXTREMELY shy when it comes to this guy... he's "popular" most of his friends (that are girls) dislike me...I'm terrified to meet him... I dont want to disappoint him... I mean if i was a guy and i heard a girl liked me i would imagin she looked like barbie (you know what i mean?)


What do you think i should do?


also... we walk by eachother everyday going to 2nd and 3rd period we dont say anything.. but he has looked at me and smiled a few times but never any words...


Okay thats all lol... i hope you got a idea to help me out on thanks.


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Ok, staring LADIES, is one of the BIGGEST FREAKING signs of liking if it's frequent, happens a lot, etc. Just memorize that by the back of your hand, it would make a guys life so much easier lol. Ok, done with that.



I'm very sure he's into you. Possibly obsessed. You'd have to talk to him and tell us his reactions and such. Who gives a flying **** if his friends(girls) hate you, their probably jealous that you attract him and he doesn't find them attractive!


I'm thinking he's shy since he's smiled at you a few times, sorry correction a BIT shy, I think he's telling himself "Don't pressure her man" because he's not really sure if your into him 100%.


If your really shy, that's ok around him. I'd think it's cute if a girl was really shy around me. Haha. Just meet him. Don't give him the wrong idea. You don't want that, he doesn't want that, just somehow act shy but interested.


And if his cousin and friends look at you, I'm thinking he's probably obsessed and tells everyone about you lol.


Just go talk to him, I hate it when a shy girl likes me but NEVER talks to me (because their too afraid).


Anyways, I have a small question, so if a guy checks you out in the halls during school and you seem to have your attention elsewhere like friends or something and the guys staring at you can you still know he's looking at you? Like if your walking straight ahead eyes either straight or slanted towards friends a bit, do you know a certain guys looking at you?


I think girls can...not so sure about how you have shifty eyes...lol jw that's why I'm asking.

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Awsome! thanks...


I would say yes. I think all girls no matter where their attention is they can spot a guy checking them out or thier friends well spot them doing it and tell the girl, were always looking if we arent were having a bad day or just feel ugly haha.. I know thats how it is with my friend and I...

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Oh yeah one more thing to add. Your not going to "disappoint him". Girls think about the most unnecessary things like that. Your not as hideous as frankenstein and I guarantee your personality isn't as dead as a doorknob, your not going to disappoint him. Stop worrying and just meet the guy.

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i think he likes you, staring is a really big thing... whenever i go to my crushes house and i stare at her all the time except i usually dont let her see because i sorta feel weird haha well its a really big sign, but like the other guy said, he isnt sure you like him so he isnt going to make a move on you most likely..make the first step and go talk to him when he is with his friends, if he gives you his full attention when all his friends are around thats another sign, while talking to him slowly(and i do mean slowly) get closer to him (always facing straight towards him), if he has feelings for you he will like you enter his "personal space" which is usually around 12-18inches without turning away from you, i hope this helps you! good luck with this guy

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